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Engine Diagnostics & Tuning

Is there an engine warning light on your dashboard? Your vehicle is not quite driving right or is acting sluggish? Our Mechanics will be able to use the latest technology to diagnose the fault with your vehicle. Even if your vehicle seems to be driving normally, by ignoring a warning light serious damage could be done to your vehicle. That’s why we recommend to have your vehicle checked as soon as possible.


Are you starting to loose grip on your Tyres? Have you got a punctured Tyre? Or have you simply got worn down Tyres? Not sure if your Tyres have worn down and need to be replaced? The minimum depth of tread on a Tyre is 1.6 millimetres. Most Tyres now come with small bridges in between the treads. When your Tyres start to wear these small bridges will become level with the tread on your Tyre. When this occurs it is time to get the Tyre replaced.

Timing Belts

Is there a warning light on your dashboard? Can you hear rattling noises? Difficulties starting your car? This could be a sign that your timing belt on your vehicle needs to be replaced. Your vehicle’s Timing Belt should be replaced every 50,000 to 70,000 miles. Most manufactures will specify the replacement intervals for Timing Belts, so please check your vehicles handbook for more information.


Are you experiencing difficulties switching gears? Is there a change in your vehicles speed without noticeable acceleration? Is your Clutch sticking, becoming difficult to press or disengage? This could be a sign that the Clutch on your vehicle may need replacing.


Brake light displaying on your dashboard? Is your vehicle taking longer to stop than usual? Is there strange squeaking sounds coming from your vehicle? These are all obvious signs that your vehicles Brakes need servicing as soon as possible.


Banging, clanging, chugging or roaring noises coming from your vehicle’s Exhaust? The first sign that your Exhaust needs to be checked will be noise. This could be a sign that parts of or your whole Exhaust may need to be replaced.

Turbo Chargers

Want to increase your vehicles engine power? This can be done by having a Turbo Charger fitted to your vehicle to increase the engines power without adding significant weight.

*Major jobs may take a little longer. Please get in touch for more information.

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